Lesley Logan

Pilates Exercises You Can Do at the Wall

Pilates Exercises You Can Do at the Wall

Hey hey, here are my favorite go-to exercises using a wall! I would love for you to practice them with me while I explain how. When you’re watching they will look simple and easy but as you do them you’re going to feel a lot of strength and connection. And, when it’s over you should feel taller, stronger and more able to take on the day!

Try these exercises in the morning to set up for the day, at the office to get out of your chair and have a moment for yourself. Bonus points if you do it before you go to bed. Or, do all three! It should take only a few minutes.

I can’t wait to hear how these help you take time for yourself and feel better doing it!


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Pilates Mat & Reformer Classes: Get Down, Get Down… Stretch

Sooo... one of the things I see as I travel around teaching people, is how much they are not using their down reach in their down stretch. In fact, they’re doing an incredible job working their shoulders and many are good at not hanging in their lower back. But, there’s soo much good stuff in the down stretch. So, whether you’re on the Mat or joining us on the Reformer too get ready to get down in your down stretch!