5 Tips on Putting Yourself First Guilt Free

5 Tips on Putting Yourself First Guilt Free

Running your business, life, and family can seem like all you have time for. But you know that you want to feel better, have more energy and feel like you’re more in control of all the things. It’s so easy to let everything else take up your time. But, you really are the most important thing. And, it’s super easy to lose sight of that when you’re “in it.” But, here are my best tips for putting yourself first and not feeling guilty about it.

  1. Remember why you do anything. I take time each month to review the big picture, the vision, the mission. Call it whatever you want. But, when you’re doing all the tasks, to-do’s and not everything is happening the way you want you need to have that information to review.
  2. You need energy to do what you’re doing and go where you’re going. Energy comes from fueling yourself first, working out, meditating, journaling whatever combination of things helps you get present. For me, Pilates, meditation, running with my dog and journaling help give me energy to take on the day and all that it entails.
  3. Surround yourself with friends that help you uplevel. Yes, that might mean saying goodbye to some friends or a pause but it’s important the the “free time” you have is with people who believe in you and what you are doing.
  4. Create a schedule that allows you to be the priority. Know the times that are for YOU to workout, read, go to the spa whatever makes you feel recharged. I like daily recharges and monthly big recharges. When I am at my retreats I have a daily recharge for me and my retreaters. Yep, we get foot massages every night before bed!
  5. Remember you are the only one who can make yourself feel guilty. Those around you want you to be happy. And, if you are not taking care of yourself. You’ll eventually resent those around you for not noticing the sacrifices you’re making. You know, those ones you don’t tell them you’re doing for them?

Look, I hear ya, life is BUSY!!! I mean, I now oversee three businesses and work with my husband. It’s actually easier to not take time for myself or put myself first because I’d likely get more done.

In the short term.

Longterm, I’d be sad, frustrated and not moving anything forward in a positive way.

So, take your calendar out and flip to 3 weeks from now. Where can you add extra YOU time? What dream daily schedule would you live? It might not be perfect the first week but try on as many things as you can that will make you feel like you’re getting fueled to take on the day. Or, getting your recharge in. Then make a note each week about what you loved, didn’t love and make those changes.

I still have tweaking my schedule to be the schedule that allows me to be even more me.


PS. This blog is here to help answer you life, travel, you name it questions. In the comments below if you want to knw how I handle x, y or z. Ask it! You just might inspire a blog.


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love love love it!! its realy the best advice we could get, in the last 2 years im going toward this goal of finding balance ..
getting better


Hey Tali, I do think Balance is a dance between being out of balance on either side. As long as you are prioritizing your health, wellness and what inspires you then balance will find it’s way. Thank you for reading xx~LL

This was shared by pilates teacher, Claire Sparrow……it came through on my Saturday morning feedback…..
Wonderful timely reminder & inspiring.


Awe Sue, I am so happy this found you! I am love Claire. She is such an amazing human!! Save it for when you need a re-reminder! xx~LL

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