Affordable Pilates Retreats to Cambodia


I remember one of the first retreats I went on. I chose it because the original one I wanted to go on was far too expensive after I added on the flight there and back. Which is why when I started to create my own I decided they would be affordable Pilates retreats.

My Pilates retreat to Cambodia is by far my favorite. It is halfway around the globe from where I live and yet the flights are as low as $400 round trip. On everyone’s list are the Temples of Angkor. And I’ve secured a relaxing yoga center with bungalows to avoid the typical hotel tourists and allow us to really feel like we are retreating from the world.

Actually, what makes this the best Pilates retreat is that after you book your flight and retreat you really do not need a lot of extra money for anything. If you want to shop or try food from the vendors a few dollars a day will do the trick. But, another reason going on a Pilates retreat in Asia is amazing is due to it being so close to many other amazing places to visit and travel.

Siem Reap, Cambodia is a 45 min flight to Vietnam and Thailand. On your way home you can explore Japan or Hong Kong.

Getting away from your normal routine, from all the to-do’s and demands of daily life doesn’t have to be expensive. Join me in February for an affordable Pilates retreat and enjoy the sites to see, the culture to experience and connect with your body while you are at it!

For tips on how airlines to fly with, routes to take and where to fly through before or after your retreat contact me. It’s our fourth time around and we’ve got our go-to’s. Also, if you are the hotel enjoying kind of traveler have no fear. We have rates for those who prefer to have amenities and they are all within walking distance to our yoga center.

See you in Siem Reap!


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