Best Online Pilates Classes: I’m Here for You!


One of the things I struggle with is not making the time to do my Pilates workouts but having the time before and after the class. I’ve got the hour to do my Pilates practice. But, somedays the time to get to class, find a parking spot and then the time after to change and get where I am going is simply a luxury.

It’s one of the reasons I created my weekly online Pilates classes. My weekly mat classes are designed to feel like you went to the gym to take a class. You don’t have to choose which class to take. Just like when you go to the gym you have no idea what the teacher has in store for you. But you love them so you know you are going to get a great workout.

I wanted to make class easy for all levels to access and do anywhere in the world they were. I also wanted to provide the opportunity for Pilates lovers to take their Pilates practice to the next level. To feel the weeks theme in their body and learn the method. Pilates was meant to be done on the mat every day.

When you do your Pilates workout online with me you are up leveling your Pilates practice. You get the benefit of having me lead you through your workout and keep you flowing. With only 30 min to do the work, you can fit my Pilates classes into your schedule no matter how busy you are.

And, I love to do it with you! Each week I meet you on my mat as well. You’ll see me rock and sometimes flop. Because every day we hit our mats our bodies are different. We have the knowledge of our practice from the days before and the weight of our worlds affecting how well we move that day.

After teaching clients Pilates every day on my Pilates retreats I was privy to see how if you do show up on your mat each day for at least 30 min that on day six your body would be stronger and more connected than day one. I saw clients make strides in their strength that without the daily practice would have taken them months.

I wanted to offer this experience to everyone! Not just my retreaters. With my weekly mat classes, you can enjoy them as many times as you want until the next week. The class then disappears and our new class is put in its place.

All you have to do is show up!

Your subscription is only $5/week which is less than the cost of one in-person class.

And, if you have a request you can send them to me here. Want to learn one exercise specifically? Check out my youtube videos here.

Are you ready to meet your mat more regularly? I thought so! Here you go, I saved a space for you!


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