Best Pilates Retreat Abroad for Singles & Couples in 2018


I’m going to toot my own horn today. I have the best Pilates Retreat planned for you! My next Pilates Retreat abroad is February 18th-23rd in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I know that sounds far off and away. But, its time you planned yourself a Pilates holiday.

Now, before you think this retreat may not be for you. Today we are going to talk about how this upcoming retreat is the best Pilates holiday for singles and for couples. Ps, there is a bonus to coming on this Pilates retreat in 2018! So, read on!

Best Pilates Retreat for Singles

As a girl who traveled alone to Brazil and Canada when I was single, I believe every person should take a trip somewhere alone. Safety is always key and that’s why a Pilates retreat abroad is a great choice. You have the comfort of a group but you still get to experience traveling far off and away. You’ll have that alone time that we all really need in life, to unplug and go on airplane mode. Traveling alone allows us to immerse in a different culture and just have time to get to know ourselves outside of our normal routine.

But, you also get the best of both world because of the group touring and Pilates! Just when you’re ready for some conversation, connection and laughter here come the touring and Pilates classes. They provide a lovely schedule for a day of ease and wonder.

Every meal is like a family dinner but with a Retreat family! The conversations are interesting and fun. People from all age ranges and walks of life have one big thing in common for the week. They are on this adventure together. Creating lasting memories.

My single travelers from previous retreats still talk to their fellow retreaters. Catching up and also reminiscing. So, enjoy a trip and make friends while doing it. Bonus, it’s an affordable Pilates retreat!

Best Pilates Retreat for Couples

Angkor Pilates Retreat

It’s not always easy to find a retreat that both partners want to attend. One person in the partnership loves Yoga or Pilates and the other would prefer to run, bike or lift. But, on my next Pilates retreat abroad we have secured spots (and special rates) for the partner who wants to enjoy the group touring and meals but skip the Pilates! Imagine, enjoying the magic of Angkor Wat and the many other Temples, getting your Pilates on and your significant other is having fun doing what they enjoy too!

Traveling as a couple is a fun way to get out of your normal routine, to unplug and disconnect from the pressures at home. To go into another culture, experience delicious food and unique ways of doing things. And the best part of my next retreat is that it is affordable for both those doing the full retreat or doing just half.

Best Pilates Retreat for You

Group Angkor Wat Retreat

Whether you are single, traveling with a friend or partner our next Pilates Retreat to Siem Reap, Cambodia has everything taken care of for you. Once you book your flights we will arrange for your pick up at the airport (and drop off). Three meals a day are all set up and we have secured the best (seriously she is amazing) Tour Guide. All you’ll need is a little extra spending cash for tasting food carts, gifts and if you want to go off to the silk market or more Temples.

You know you’ve wanted to go to see Angkor Wat and the other Temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia. But, it can seem like it’s just too much to plan. I mean it is halfway around the planet. But, we’ve been so many times and have all the tips, tricks and curated the way to see the Temples. All you need to do is show up!

Are you ready? Register and get more details here.

Pilates Retreat Angkor Wat Lesley Logan

See you in Siem Reap!



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