Cadillac Flashcards Update – June 17, 2022



Hey y’all, Brad here bringing you an update on the Cadillac Flashcards.

I’m sure you’ve heard Lesley talk about how much longer it took to prep these cards than we initially thought it would take. In fact, Joseph Pilates never created an “order” of exercises for the Cadillac. Its purpose was to supplement the mat practice, to help its users build the strength in specific areas of their body to get back to the mat.

This made it incredibly challenging to think through the exercises and put them in some sense of an order, a flow… as there are more than 100 exercises you can do on this machine!

In addition to that, we wanted to be conscious of those who have a reformer/tower conversion, not a full Cadillac, so we were very intentional about how put it all together.

We’re incredibly excited about this deck, and we are so grateful to each of you who ordered during our pre-sale. You were immesurably helpful in making these cards actually happen!

I won’t go too deep into the process of getting flashcards printed, but I can tell you that it’s super fascinating (I used to work in skin and haircare and had to go to the printer for our unit cartons.)

There is always a “lead time” for printing, and that count down starts after you’ve approved the “proofs.”

Here’s a quick video I just filmed showing what those look like.


I’m excited to say that today we’ve approved our proofs (the colors weren’t quite right on the first round of proofs,) and our printer now has our formal approval to start the printing process!

Due to world wide supply chain situations, we are looking at between 8 to 10 weeks for delivery, before our manufacturer can ship all of your orders.

Provided that there are no issues during the printing process we’re looking at a delivery of middle to the end of August to ship your orders.

Again, thank you so much to those who pre-ordered! We will keep you in the loop as the printing process continues.


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Thanks for sharing the process. Brought me back to my college lithography class and the wonderful aromas of inks and solvents, most disliked.

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