Class is in Session: Online Mat Pilates with the Magic Circle

Pilates Magic circle online mat class

I’ll never forget the day I took my dad with me to a Pilates mat class and the teacher had us use the Magic circle. Now, at this point I had fallen in love with the magic of that circular prop. But, my dad…well…he deemed it the “torture circle.”

Now, props have their purpose and there are many, many ways to use a prop in a mat class. This week we will focus on how the Magic Circle can enhance our inner thigh connection. A muscle connection that is so important to connect to our core.

If you are looking around your room, office or home and you are without a circle have no fear. Grab anything you can squeeze ( a pillow will work) a yoga block or ball. Or, simply focus your attention on your inner thighs. We only use the circle in a handful of exercises to enhance our experience.

Are you ready for some Magic!? Register here for this week’s class. And as always class is only 30 min! So, no excuses. You can be anywhere in the world and as long as you have a place big enough to lay down you are ready to go!



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