Combat Posture Problems & Get Connected with the Spine Corrector

Whether you are a Pilates pro or someone who wants to keep their height and ditch the back problems (hopefully before they start) these Spine Corrector exercises are for you.
Combat Posture Problems and Get Connected with the Spine Corrector

Working from home or simply working anywhere these days has many of us with rounded shoulders, hunched backs tech neck and overall a tight and deconditioned back. Even Pilates teachers suffer from this forward leaning while we work because we are looking over our clients or now zooming while we teach. Whether you are a Pilates pro or someone who wants to keep their height and ditch the back problems (hopefully before they start) these Spine Corrector exercises are for you. And all you need is a Spine Corrector, some 1 or 2 lb. weights and if possible a pole. Here’s a Spine Corrector (or padded option here)if you don’t have one (because let’s be real not everyone has one of these hiding under their laundry).

These exercises on the Spine Corrector should take less than 10 min. once you know them and are great for doing at the end of a work day. Or even once in the morning and once in the evening.

Arm Series: this series is my favorite for opening up my front. Strengthening my back and really helping connect my arms to my back. You can either sit in front of the barrel for the big backbend or you can sit on the step and go back over the barrel for a lesser backbend depending on your ability. Focus on the whole back maintaining its connection no matter where the arms are in space.

Swan: Wake up the whole back side of your body with this exercise. And you don’t even have to rock this one. You can simply hold and breathe.

Swimming: If Swan goes well for you then reach your arms forward and swim. Remember to work the UP in this one otherwise you will go down…

Rocking: Don’t force this one to happen. If your body isn’t flexible yet save this one for when you’ve been able to practice it on your mat. But, it’s always fun to know where you are going.

Grasshopper: This exercise can also help get you closer to Rocking. But, if you’re not standing in your back muscles it’s an easy one to cheat on. So, again save this one for when you’re getting strong enough to Swim and Swan dive without falling off your Spine Corrector.

Most Pilates lovers and studios don’t give the Spine Corrector the love it gives back. It’s an easy piece of equipment to think is extra or to allow to gather dust. But, you can get this one here and pick the price that works for you.

Be sure to log how you look and feel each day. Consistency overtime and you’ll be hearing things like “nice posture.” Or, “did you lose weight?”

If you have any questions let me know. In the mean time, enjoy the strengthening of your back!


P.S. Want to enjoy a full workout on your Spine Corrector? Join me for this virtual workout on your Spine Corrector wherever you are.

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