Do you Prefer an 80″ or 86″ Pilates Reformer?

Pilates Reformer 80 or 86 inch

Do you prefer to do Pilates on an 80″ or 86″ Reformer? This is a question I didn’t ask myself until recently. In fact, even a few years ago when the topic came up I was quite made up in my mind that I liked one over the other. I’m am 5’9″ and honestly probably closer to 5’10.”  So, when it came to choosing a Reformer when I went to class I had a favorite!

Until one day, I realized something! See, I practice Pilates about four to five days a week. I believe in practicing what I preach! And, at least two of those days I do the full Reformer. I am even adding in the Headstands these days.

This week Andrea Maida and I teamed up again for a second Pila-Tequila talk at her Pilates studio for our weekly collab. We asked each other which length Reformer was preferable. Find out what Andrea prefers here and what I prefer here.

Then, in the comments let us know which you prefer! We’d love to hear from you. And, if you have a question you want to know our answer just ask!


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