Escape to a Pilates Retreat in Ojai

Pilates Retreat Ojai- Lesley Logan Pilates

Retreats! They are not just for Yogi’s anymore.

One of my dreams and goals is to teach Pilates all over the world. This year I have been making that magic happen. I have a Pilates retreat in Cambodia, one in Maui, Hi and this June I’m teaming up with my Pilates Day Retreats partner and bringing you a much requested Pilates Retreat in Ojai, Ca.

For Angeleno’s this is a pretty home-away-from-LA-home. A serene spot less than two hours north. On the drive up I enjoyed seeing the mountains covered in green grass from this past weeks rain. I am sitting here at this hip quaint coffee house called Beacon coffee as I write this blog. Retreat attendees you will want to hop in on your way to our Pilates haven, and I’m pretty sure in your free time you’ll be hitting up this modern coffee house.

Ok, enough about coffee let’s talk about this Pilates Retreat!

Space is limited (as there are only so many beds). Once you arrive, you’ll be settling in and then joining Jeni and me for a TGIF Pilates class. We’ll gather around for a deliciously home-cooked farm-to-table dinner and then enjoy conversations and new friendships around the property. I cannot tell you how wonderful this oasis is. It’s surrounded by nature but a 10 min walk away from cafes and the cuteness that is Ojai. There is also a hike just a couple min walk away. However, if you would rather hunker down on the property there is much to do. It’ll be the warmth of June so enjoy a hammock, plenty of outdoor and indoor seating to read and converse. Or, grab your swimsuit and enjoy the private pool and hot tub area.

Saturday we will awake for a morning Pilates workout. After breakfast, you’ll have time to continue explore the Villa some more. There is a great infinity pool, several spots to read, write, meditate and get to know other retreaters.

This retreat is all levels so if you’re worried that you’re too new don’t! Pilates is a practice and every day we meet our bodies on the mat and discover something new.

The day will continue you on with lunch, a night Pilates class and dinner will round out the day. After more than 24 hours away from your daily routine, we know you’ll be connecting more with yourself, your friends and new friendships. There is a cozy outdoor pation complete with couches and a fireplace.

Sunday we’ll awake and enjoy our last Pilates class of the weekend followed by a farewell brunch as we all take our time to go back to what we hope is your new reality. A reality that Pilates is in your body and your daily life, taking the strength and new core connections back into your week. Good by “walk-of-same” hello strong, connected YOU!


Snag your spot!

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