Getting Started with Pilates? What You Need

Here's what you need to get started with your Pilates practice. And a few bonus options when you're ready to take it to the next level.
Getting Started with Pilates_ What you Need

Getting started with a Pilates practice is easier than you might think because a Mat Pilates practice can go with your anywhere. And, only needs your full body! Here’s what you need to get started with your Pilates practice. And a few bonus options when you’re ready to take it to the next level.

A Pilates Mat

Many people confuse Pilates and Yoga. And while that’s a long discussion for another blog that blend often means people are doing Pilates on a yoga mat. Yoga mats are not made thick enough for a Pilates practice. I highly recommend you find a mat like mine which is 10 mm thick. It’s not too squishy either. You need that padding so that you can do the rolling exercises on any surface. If you want something even more sturdy and helpful, investing in the mat I use to teach on with handles and a strap like this one will benefit your entire body!

Space on the Floor

You want to find a space where you can lay on the floor and spread your arms and legs out to the side, in front of you, and overhead. You may need to push a table to the side, or chair to a wall. But, once you find your perfect floor space make it easy for yourself to show up on your mat and put your mat nearby so you can roll it and get moving.

Set times/days you practice

I know, yet another thing. you don’t have to buy but you do need to protect the time you want to dedicate to your practice. However, you don’t need hours in your week. We are talking 15-30 min a day is plenty. Especially if that allows you to get 4+ days a week in.

A teacher who holds space for you

As you’ve probably learned from other fitness modalities not all teachers and styles are equal. If you take from someone and it’s not the fit you’re looking for keep searching. You also don’t need to “go” to class. In fact, the more you can do your practice on your own the more likely you’ll have time to do it.


Bonus items!

A Magic Circle: This tool will help you connect to muscles that may not want to join your Pilates party.

A squishy Ball: I love this prop and how it helps you get connected to exercises.

Deck of flashcards: these cards will help you study individual exercises, can be taken with you everywhere. Do one card a day, pick a few to practice when you only have a few minutes to workout.

Community: a place where you can ask questions and dive in deeper to your practice. OPC members community is full of Pilates lovers from all over the world who’ve been doing Pilates a few months to tens of years.


Many people think you have to do Pilates on all the equipment to be doing Pilates. But it’s not true. The equipment is lovely and very helpful. But, you can have an incredible strong practice, get the results you’re looking for just by hitting your Pilates mat.

I am so excited for your Pilates journey. If you have any questions on Pilates, feel free to put them in the comments below. And if you’re brand new wondering where to get started let us know. We would love to help you.



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