How Do You Know It’s Bad?

Crazy times is the understatement of the year. Living life in this “new normal” somehow is starting to feel more normal. And, honestly, I find I am truly enjoying my new routines. Especially when I don’t listen to the news. Not that I am not staying informed. But, tbh, this time can be one that causes us to live in fear, and wait, hunker down and let time pass. Or, it can be a time we thrive. And, it’s all in how you look at it. Because, if you look back at your life there have been times where “bad things” have happened. Or, at least things that you felt were bad. And while this virus is more than “bad.” It is downright scary. How do we know this disruption in our daily lives is “bad?”

In 2000 I was supposed to move to Hawaii and live with my grandparents, get residency there and then go to college a year later than I would have in California. In early 2001 that fell through. And I didn’t want to go to the junior college in town and wait a year or two to transfer. So, I scrambled and found a private liberal arts school that would accept me for the fall. And, that path lead me to where I am today. To some of the best friends I had. And, back in 2001 I thought how “life altering that was.” But, it was the best thing to happen to me after I got through it.

In 2013 I was homeless, totaled my car, the studio I taught out of closed and my other Pilates job transferred me. To say that my life was in chaos was an understatement. And, yet, everything that happened in those 3 months put me on the path that brought me here. In fact, the friends I had during this time introduced me to my now-husband, best friend and business partner. So, was that “rock bottom” bad?

In 2014 I broke my leg. I couldn’t walk on it for 6-8 weeks. My now husband but then week-long boyfriend moved in to take care of me. I had to change everything about how I worked. And yet, having that injury taught me more about my body, my Pilates practice and my friends. It allowed me to learn how to accept help. And, it also helped me deepen my Pilates practice in a way that changed how I teach everything. And, since 2015 I have been teaching workshops that directly relate to this broken leg. So, was that a bad thing to have happen?

In 2015 5 weeks before my wedding our venue canceled. We were on a super tight budget, we now were restricted on where we could have the wedding since people had flights and hotels. And it sucked! All that planning. When we found the place we got married in it was clear. That was THE PLACE we were to get married in. In fact, our wedding was published because of that venue. So, was it really bad that the original plan changed?

Today, I’m not able to teach in my studio. I am not able to see most of my clients. I can’t go to my favorite gyms or hang out at my neighbor’s house each week. I can’t go to dinner with my girlfriends or across town to a comedy club. But, I have been able to do less. To take more time for myself, my practice, to get clear on the projects I want to work on and the ones I don’t. And, yes it’s been a freaking rollercoaster ride. And, yes, there are moments of worry/wonder. However, what I do know to be true is that every “bad” thing has put me in the right path to lead me to where I am supposed to go. And, I don’t believe that it’s only true for me. I believe it for you too.

Grab a paper or go to the comments below. Write down every “bad” thing that happened to you and then think about what that did FOR you. I would love to hear you stories.

This crazy time will pass. How do you want to feel when it does? What do you want to be doing? During this time, focus on that. Focus on what you can do.


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Amen ! I love this. Absolutely believe these current unprecedented days are causing me ( and so many ) to re evaluate and re prioritise what is and who are most important in my life and even when things return to” normal” there are changes taking place that will remain ! X


Hi Treena, that makes me soo happy! The longer this goes on the more changes that I am making that I am sooo freaking loving. In fact, everything I wanted is happening. Sure it’s happening on a different timeline. But, isn’t it better to have what we’ve been wanting “someday” today? Thank you for reading! xx~LL

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