How Pilates Benefits Your Every Day Life


I am often asked, “Why do Pilates?” And, while there are many, many answers to this question. The benefits of Pilates are specific to the person asking. I have one answer I give to everyone. Pilates makes everything you are already doing better!

A consistent Pilates practice is not something that has to replace what you love to do. It will actually make what you are already doing for fitness, health and living life more effective.

If you go for long walks, sit at a desk or chase after children Pilates helps your posture, stretches what’s tight and strengthens what is loose.

Love to lift weights hit a spin class? Pilates strengthens your core and teaches your body coordination making it easier to control your swings, lift heavy weights. Spin class can do wonders for cardio, and the addition of Pilates gives your body that full strength and conditioning that will balance out your rides.

Pilates benefits more than your abs. In fact, your “core” is your entire torso. So, every muscle from your neck to your tailbone and mid thighs is needed to do Pilates exercises.

And, while many of us have crazy busy schedules, it’s tough to get to all our workouts the beauty of a Pilates practice is you can tailor it to meet your life. If you do Pilates mat at home 2-3x a week, you can reap the benefits of a Pilates practice. The Pilates mat work was designed to do in 30 minutes or less. You can do classes online with me each week or hit up your local gym and find a Pilates instructor that works with your schedule.

Pilates privates are great for equipment training and for having someone’s eye to ensure you are using your entire body and not just your “go-to” muscles. Pilates has a unique ability to challenge the smaller, underused muscles because you only do 3-5 reps of each exercise, allowing your dominant muscles to take a break.

Benefit your life by adding Pilates in as much as you can, even if it is just once a week. Start off where you can and add in as needed. Pilates is for everybody. This means YOU!

Start your Pilates home practice here.


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It got me to read that pilates can actually strengthen your back support because you can expect to have a strong core. With that in mind, I’ll be sure to find a Pilates program that I can join soon. Since the other pain, scoliosis has been causing me so much back pain lately.

Oh yes Ron, def find a private instructor who specializes in scoliosis. Then you can take what you learned in those sessions to a group class or home practice! xx~LL

All the points you made about how many benefits someone can have by incorporating pilates on top of their usual work out was really impressive to read. As someone who has recently been into weight lifting since my brother taught me how to get started, I started to feel better about my body and my health and wanted to know what more I could do to get toned. Pilates sounds like the perfect followup to everything I’ve done so far, so I’ll look around for any places that offer group classes so I can learn quickly.


You have written very deeply in this blog about how Pilates classes’ benefits can change our life and your blog is informative, I appreciate your work.

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