How to enjoy Pilates with Control

Onlines Pilates mat Class control

I used to think that ‘Control’ when doing Pilates meant ‘Slow.’ I know that slow is not in the definition of control. But, think about the last time you tried to control what you were doing? Did you slow down a moment? Did you think about what you were doing more? Did you get purposeful with the movements in your body? When you are practicing Control in Pilates is speed part of the equation?

I’ve discovered along the way of my Pilates path is that Control has more to do with efficiency and purpose and less about moving slower. In fact moving slower often means less about the right muscles being in control and allows the muscles that are used to overworking take over. Think about it? If a muscle is small, weaker or underdeveloped do you think it can hang in there while you move slower… NOPE.

So, join me in this week’s class (register here) and enjoy 30 min of a full body mat class that allows you to feel the control without feeling like you’re put in slo-mo!


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