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Hello my Pilates lovers, I am excited to announce a few wonderful options for enjoying Pilates with me from wherever you are in the wonderful world. Basically, after almost ten years of teaching and hundreds of clients that I have met here in LA, while I was traveling or while they were visiting, many of you do not live in LaLa Land (Los Angeles). Since I have declined offers to clone myself I have created some options for everyone to enjoy a Pilates session or class with me from anywhere and for some of these options ANYTIME! Check out what we have and take the one that works best for you, your schedule and learning style.

Skype (yes Facetime works here as well): Take your phone, computer or iPad and set it up near your equipment or mat. Make sure your volume is up and lets’s do it! I’ll guide you through your workout, correcting with cues that are designed just for you and what your body needs. If you are inside a working studio, then grab some wireless headphones and there we go! Before we schedule, we will do a call to test and make sure you know where to put your camera and that you can hear. These sessions offer the upside of being accountable to your session and getting cues just for you and your body in real time. The only downside of these sessions is Time difference. But who is really going to let a little time difference get in the way of their Pilates session?

Pilates Anytime: YAAS! I am on this incredible platform. As of now, they have over 2800 classes all levels, time increments, and teaching styles. The talent and inspiration on this website are out of this world. I am beyond thrilled to share that I have two classes on here for you to take. My reformer class is about 40 ish minutes long (because 45min is the new hour) and while there are some advanced exercises in it skip what is not right for you and take the rest. My mat class is also 40 min and flows from start to finish allowing you to move along with us. You have to be a member to watch these and all the other classes they have so use LLOGAN for 30 days free!

YouTube: After years of hearing “how do my hands go” or “what should I be doing here” I started creating mini “how-to” videos. These do not necessarily create a workout, but they will improve your future workouts. If you cannot find a Pilates exercise you are looking for let me know! I’ll get to it in the next round of filming.

The next question is: How will you be enjoying your Pilates?


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