Issues from the Gut: Results are In

Gut Issues- Results are In- Blog Post Lesley Logan Pilates

The results are in!!!

*Before you continue to read if you did not read #1 “Breaking Point” and #2 “Attempts to figure it all out” please take a minute so you’re up to speed.*

After more blood tests, breath tests, a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, rounds of antibiotics and then more blood tests, oh, and one visit to the infectious disease specialists I took a massive leap. I had heard of this guy who used to work with NASA doing research. He realized his research could help more people and he started his company that many professional and Olympic athletes use. My husband’s business partner used him based on a referral of another client of his.

Sidenote: Pilates instructors I hope you caught that. I’m the second client this guy received based on one client. So, even if you only have one client today, you could have three next week. Ok, sorry sometimes I can’t help myself I love business coaching.

A year ago I spoke with Chris about my situation. At that point, I was on a sugar reset, and anytime I would reintroduce food my body would react. When I would just stick to the reset and not introduce food my body was still fighting something. He was awesome and listened to my whole story. He felt I might have something parasitic and so before I spent the money to work with him I should make sure I did not have any parasites. So, that was the reason I went back to western med. This time I got into the best GI group of doctors and tried again.

Every test according to my doctors came back normal. The only test that gave any indications I might have something was a breath test. Based on that test it was recommended I do a Low-Fodmap Diet. I could barely sustain this protocol. It required me to get rid of onions, mushrooms, and garlic (this will be a major detail later). Then it gave a crazy list of foods I could not eat and ones I could eat sometimes and then foods that I could eat. But, when you’re gluten, dairy, grain and soy free that list of foods I could eat was extremely limited and minus the onion and garlic pretty bland. It also required I cook almost every meal. After a month and feeling worse than before I decided to ditch the list. I compromised and kept the onions, mushrooms, and garlic at bay.

As time went along, I became worse. I also started to feel down, depressed, forgetful. I was losing my strength even though I was keeping up my workout routines. For years I hardly slept more than a couple hours at a time. Not something I wanted but just a matter of fact. After the holidays I called this guy up and said: “I’m ready!”

He sent his phlebologist to my house, and she drew nine or ten vials of blood. After a few weeks, over 200 tests run, he had the results.

This week Chris met with me in person. We could have done the results over the phone, but I think my results were so crazy that he had to see me in person (I’m that special).

I won’t go into detail too much because, well, the meeting was an hour and a half. My packet of results is as thick as most books. But, I’ll give you the highlights.

-no testosterone
-b12 2 points off from being admitted to a hospital
-Vitamin D 1 point off from being admitted to a hospital
-Arsenic and Cadmium levels through the roof
-Stomach Bacteria two times higher than the highest high you should be at

There were a bunch of other things, but these were the biggies. My recent lack of strength, coordination, memory, my feeling of depression all due to metal poisoning, low D, and low B12. He asked me if I was a vegan. NOPE. I was embarrassed to say I ate red meat multiple times a week due to my Ayurvedic recommendations. So, how does one have red meat as much as me but have the blood of a Vegan who hasn’t figured out how to get B12? The gut situation is causing me to not absorb vital nutrients I am ingesting. The metal poisoning is keeping my brain from sending messages to my body and causing gut hostility. The vicious circle made worse when I went off onions, garlic, and mushrooms. Basically, all foods that help your liver process metals that come into your body. Why, did the blood tests from my doctors visits not show any of this? Because, the doctors don’t look at the whole panel. They order one thing here and there. But, when Chris looked at the whole picture it became very clear!

These results might seem scary or daunting to some, but the truth is I was crying tears of joy. Finally, answers to everything. All of this is fixable. I’m on the hunt for where I’m coming into contact with arsenic and cadmium. In the meantime, my husband has been overloading me with onions, garlic and mushrooms (at night as teaching after eating garlic isn’t the best idea).

My guy doesn’t love supplements, but for getting back on track, I’m on a few just for now. I also am getting b12 shots, and I cannot tell you how fantastic I feel just two days after my first one. My Pilates sessions since it are back to where they used to be. My nightly pregnancy moments are more 3-6 months, not 6-nine months.

Until I figure out the metal poisoning, I will constantly be battling the cycle. But, I am not going to stop until I find it.

I’m not anywhere back to normal. Healing will take so much time. The metal poisoning could have been going on for years but masked by the fact that I used to eat the foods that supported my liver. So, maybe that awful doctor’s recommendation wasn’t terrible after all. If I had not ridden those foods from my diet, I might not have discovered this metal contamination.

I’ll keep you posted on the healing journey. For now, this is all as I’m feeling the fatigue. #metalpoisoning #strongereveryday


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Wow! I had no idea. Bless your heart.

Have you ever considered what you are putting ON your body, makeup, lotions, shampoos etc may be
attributing to the problem? Since our skin is the largest organ on our bodies and we have NO idea what really lives in our daily routines of skin care may I suggest you do some research on your products? I have recently started selling Beautycounter and I am shocked at the chemicals that are hidden in our daily products. Parabens, toxic chemicals and many, many other bad toxins that are allowed to be listed as “secret” ingredients!
I also have digestive issues and understand your struggles. Sine going gluten free for the past 4 years I have very little issues, thank God.
I encourage you to look at the Beautycounter website that has done tons of research and gives you information that is free of how to eliminate and look for toxins in your body products.
I wish you all the luck, and I will put out positive vibes for a speedy recovery and look forward to hearing you are in remission. With much love Marsha

HI Marsha, we got a test kit and it happens to be our water. I had a feeling based on the intensity of the metals in my body. Now onto fixing that situation. Thanks for your support!! xx~LL

Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry you are going through this and it’s amazing that you are such a giving unselfish coach and a support to everyone else while dealing with this. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Thank you! Coaching and teaching was so integral in the good parts of each of my days!! Thank you for your wishes! xx~LL

Do you ever think it could be the geography or smog of L.A.? You said your problems started then. I currently live near the missippi river and the high mold causes many problems for me. Just something to consider if you haven’t already

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