Maui Pilates Retreat Options for Everyone

Maui Pilates Retreat Options for Everyone

Maui Pilates lovers can have their cake and eat it too. Because as an LA local there are often a ton of fabulous events happening here! I mean, every day there’s a retreat, getaway or tour I can go on. Which is why I LOVE to get out of town so I can go on a retreat, trip or vacation. But, if any one of these local opportunities had the option to join in and stay at home I so would. Which is why, when it comes to my Maui Pilates retreat my desire is your reality! Yep, when my Maui retreat happens, if you’re a local or passing through at the same time you can choose your own adventure.

And, the best part is, if you still want to do the full Pilates retreat you can. And your friends, family or people you meet on the beach can join in for the food, classes or workshops that catch your eye.

Locals and visitors not doing the full retreat choose from the menu of options and then join us for what they want and can go back to their own Maui life when they need.

The a la carte menu includes Mat classes, meals, workshops, cooking workshops and more!

So, just because you have a Maui life doesn’t mean you can Pilates retreat yourself when you want.

What Maui retreat events will you be joining us for?


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