My favorite ways to do the Pilates Mermaid


Alright, confession time! I pretty much hate Mermaid almost anywhere in the Pilates room. On the reformer it just feels meh, on the mat I tend to cheat or get a stretch in all the “wrong” places. On the Cadillac, the side over aka Mermaid is a massive challenge for me. But, one day I discovered some moments of love for Mermaid on the Wunda chair.

So, when Andrea Maida told me we had a request for Mermaid I jumped at the chance to talk about it on the Wunda chair. This week I take on the Mermaid on the top of the chair and kneeling here. And Andrea has her own favorite Mermaid moments for you here.

What are your favorite ways to Mermaid?


PS if you have an exercise request leave it in the comments on one of our Youtube channels.


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