Never Have Jet Lag Again

Never Have Jet Lag Again

Tired of being tired after you fly? Travel is one of the greatest things you can do in your life! Experiencing other cultures, seeing sites hundreds and thousands of years old is worth all the miles. But, getting to where you’ve been dreaming of and feeling jet lag is the worst. And, for some means not traveling somewhere because there isn’t “enough” time to get used to the time zone or you’ll have jet lag when you get home. What if you didn’t have to deal with Jet lag at all? Where would you go?

Traveling to lead Pilates retreats to Cambodia, Maui, and Bali has me crossing time zones that would make anyone expect jet lag. In 2018 Brad and I both traveled over 100,000 miles and then in 2019, I did 140,000 miles. We went to 8 countries both years and one time we went from LA to London to LA to Spain. Another time Las Vegas to Melbourne to Cambodia to LA. There was no time for jet lag because I would land and have to hit up a Pilates studio or lead a retreat usually the day after I arrived. Luckily, I never had any. And, it’s possible for you to have little to no jet lag too!

Assume the Time Zone: from the moment I get on the plane I act as if I’m already where I am landing. When I am going to Cambodia why flight out is usually around 10 or 11 pm in LA. But, in Cambodia, it’s more than half a day ahead. So, even though I may be exhausted I will stay awake on my flight until it’s evening where I am going. If you where a watch change the time to be the time of where you are going.

Keep Your Routines: First, you want to have a routine in the morning and night. These routines make it easier to wake up and fall asleep because our bodies love routine. Find a routine that you can stick to in the morning and then keep it as best you can even if you’re on a plane. This includes the order of you do the routine. And, while sleeping on a plane is not easy for me having a night routine makes it easier for my body to start to fall asleep even if it’s not time for your body to fall asleep. If you want to hear about my morning and night routines check out this blog.

Never say “it’s x time to my body.” The time at home is not relevant to you. Be where you are not just in a physical way but all in. You can tell your brain whatever you want. I know that sounds crazy but your subconscious will believe anything you tell it. So, tell it what time you want it to take on and don’t confuse it by remembering what time it is back home.

I know it sounds too simple to work, but, trust me, if you do these three things on your next trip and don’t think about the jet lag until you’re back home scrolling through your photos of your epic trip you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how much fun you had without being exhausted from going far off an away.

Now that jet lag isn’t a thing where are you going to go? How about a retreat, a weekend away or hop from one place to the next. No jet lag means more time to explore.


Ps. Join me in Siem Reap or Bali this year!

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