Online Pilates Mat Class: All about the Butt!

Online Pilates Mat Class Lesley Logan

This week’s online Pilates mat class will have you feeling your seat in all new ways! We start the class off with a simple way to connect to the butt below the butt. Then after we get familiar with where our second seat is, where our reach from our legs will come we get into our flow!

Many people think the core is just the abs. But, the truth is all the muscles that connect limbs to your torso and the muscles of the torso are part of the core! This class is designed to help you ditch the hip clicks, unlock the knees and find support from underneath!

Classes are all levels and only 30 min long so you can do them anywhere you can lay on your mat and no matter how busy life is! Register here. And, btw, classes are still just $5/week. So, skip traffic and meet me on your mat!


PS Next week we start to find our shoulders on our back…and no we won’t be pushing our shoulders down the whole time. Get ready to feel more back connections!

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