Online Pilates Mat Class: Head First! December 5th 2017

Lesley Logan Pilates Online Mat class Head First

I love over using my neck. I’m sure if you’ve done Pilates more than once you’ve heard “chin to chest” or felt your neck more than you would like. This week’s online mat class zero’s in one where in the world your head is in every exercise.

Because it makes a massive difference! The first time I dedicated a whole workout to putting my head in the correct position my core shook, my inner thighs quivered and I was sweating after the hundred!

Our Online Pilates Mat Class begins December 5th and you can take it as many times as you would like until next week’s class drops on December 12th. And classes are now only $7/week!

As always class is 30 min, all-levels and all you need is space to lay on your mat. So, take this class at home, in your office or wherever in the world your life takes you this week!

Register here! And, if you have any questions let me know here!


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