Pilates Benefits for Beginners

Pilates Benefitsfor Beginners

The incredible benefits of Pilates begin the moment you start Pilates. I know, that’s a big claim but it is true. Because Pilates doesn’t just work one part of the body each workout. It works your entire body from head to toe and from mind to movement. However, while all the great gifts come from Pilates once you begin the hardest part is often getting started. Where can you find beginner Pilates? What benefits can you expect?

Let’s start with the benefits of Pilates. Pilates benefits your everyday life in so many ways. Not only does it make you feel stronger, longer (yes, a study in Australia showed people grew 2cm after a session) but it also helps you feel calmer, more in control, able, flexible and balanced just to name a few. Some people have weight loss when they begin Pilates. Others, feel like they can do everything they are already doing better! Pilates practitioners enjoy better posture, less back pain and even feel energized after their sessions.

Have I convinced you to begin a Pilates practice yet?

If so, then where do you begin? Well, you can start by trying to find a teacher who works well for you. But, if you’re busy, or happen to live where there isn’t a teacher that suits your needs you can begin with your own personal practice!

In fact, in Joseph Pilates book “Return to Life” he really tried to help teach his Mat work to everyone so they could do his exercises on their own! And, nowadays with technology, you can be your own Pilates teacher or supplement the classes you go to with some extra practice at home or at your gym on your own.

If you are new to Pilates and are injury free I highly recommend taking an online Pilates mat class. You can do my weekly classes here for $7/week or at PilatesAnytime (use LLOGAN for a 30-day trial). This way you have a teacher “guiding” you through your workout.

But, you may feel like you need a few tips and suggestions before you start an online program. I remember my first class. It felt like I had shown up to class but on the 5th day of the new year and not the first day with everyone else. So, I highly recommend new Pilates practitioners to do the following exercises:

The Hundred

The Roll Up

Single Leg Circles

Rolling Like a Ball

Single Leg Kick

Shoulder Bridge

Side Kicks

If you do these every day and you focus on the quality of movement over the quantity of movement you will start to experience the benefits of Pilates. And, when you’re ready hop online to take class

Lastly, a great way to truly dive into your Pilates practice is to go on a Pilates retreat! I know, you may think that you are not ready for it but after doing daily Pilates classes, taking workshops and spending time outside of your normal routine you are going to truly feel like you can take your Pilates practice into your own hands! Want to go on a Pilates retreat? Check out my Angkor Wat retreat here and my Maui one here. If you want to enjoy a virtual Pilates retreat I have my Maui Pilates 2018 retreat classes and workshops available online.

Are you ready to get started?


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