Pilates Mat Order Tips

Pilates Mat Order Tips

My clients are always wondering how they can do Pilates on their own when they can’t get into the studio. Retreaters also want to know how they can continue their newfound Pilates practice when they go back home and back into their routine. The answer is the Pilates Mat! In fact, when Joseph Pilates created his method, back when he called it Contrology, he wanted people to do his exercises every day! His book Return to Life describes the order and exercises in limited detail. To help you at home, my regular clients and past retreaters continue their Pilates practice here is the order complete with links to their “how to.”

When you first look at this list it can be daunting. How do you remember it all? What if you can’t do an exercise? But, don’t let the list keep you from giving your home Pilates practice a go! The more you do it the easier it is to remember. If you can’t do an exercise yet skip it! Come back to it when you’re ready to give it another try.

Grab your mat and get your flow on!




Single Leg Circles

Rolling Like a Ball

Single Leg Stretch

Double Leg Stretch

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Double Straight Leg Stretch

Criss Cross

Spine Stretch Forward

Open Leg Rocker



Swan/Swan Dive

Single Leg Kick

Double Leg Kick

Thigh Stretch

Neck Pull

High Scissors

High Bicycle

Shoulder Bridge

Spine Twist


Side Kicks


Hip Circles


Leg Pull Front

Leg Pull

Kneeling Side Kicks

Side Bend





Control Balance


To dive deeper into these join me each week for a 30 min Mat class or contact me for a virtual Private Pilates session!


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