Pilates Online Mat Class: Just Breathe

lesley logan pilates mat class just breathe

Ever go for a run and wonder how long it’s been since you took a full inhale or exhale? How about going to a yoga class and hearing the teacher remind you to breathe?

I am a huge breath holder. I hold my breath when I’m nervous, stressed, thinking too much. And, when I do Pilates I am notorious for over thinking every move!

So, this week, we are flowing and we are breathing! Literally, only focusing on when we are breathing and playing with how our breath can challenge us and assist us.

Are you ready for a 30 min all-level Pilates mat class that lets the breath flow? Register here for this weeks class 12/12-12/18 only $7!


PS have a request? Just comment and maybe a whole class will be inspired by it!

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