Pilates Pull-Ups on the Wunda Chair


The Pull-ups on the Wunda Chair (sometimes known as Pike) was my original favorite Pilates exercise of all time! I had to always do the Pull-Ups on the chair before I left the Pilates studio, even if I was just there to observe people teach.

There is something about it the Pull-ups that can bring up fear and a sense of accomplishment all at the same time.

If you are cheating on the Pull-ups you will know it. Either the pedal will not lift or it will feel like it is throwing you around! The key to this exercise is not only choosing the springs that make you feel secure. But that also assist you getting up and lowering down with control.

I like to start my clients off with 2 springs on the chair one high and one low. But, you may find that you need less assistance or NO assistance! It is possible.

Check out some tips for my favorite exercise here and my collab partner Andrea Maida’s here.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the Pull-UP!


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