Pilates Retreat Love, From Maui!

Pilates Retreat Love, From Maui

Aloha, I am sitting outside under some palm trees and overlooking the ocean. Yep, not a bad life right? It’s Pilates retreat Maui time as this post is due. And, I cannot get over how lucky and blessed I am to be back here in Maui and teaching some incredible Pilates lovers alongside my friend and amazing Pilates teacher Arlene Salomon of Bodywork and Pilates.

Her studio is the home of our Maui Retreats every year. But, our retreats are more than just Pilates workouts. The desire to bring people to experience Maui was the impetus to our retreats. Then Pilates and the amazing food by our Chef added in has made this retreat a must do again and again.

Every morning we wake up for a sunrise mat class outside facing the ocean (yes, it’s stunning) and then a gourmet breakfast prepared by our chef. We have had two workshops and a total of 9 Pilates mat classes. We finished our dream Pilates retreat week with a traditional Hawaiian banquet with hula dancers under the stars!!

I am already sad that this week has come to an end and it won’t be until next year that we get to do this again. But, thank goodness for pictures, memories and this year video! Lots of video! We filmed all our mat classes and two workshops so that more than our retreaters could experience the magic of Maui. You can get all of our mat classes here and our workshops here.

If you’re wanting to be one of the first to know about our next Maui Retreat please sign up over at LLPadventures.com

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Wow! I’m looking forward to trying to do Pilates too with an amazing view. Great picture you have there!

It’s an amazing view and we will be back in 2019! If you are on the mailing list you’ll find out when you can start signing up. Or, you can enjoy this year’s classes and workshops online and you’ll see the amazing view! Thank you so much for reading and commenting xx~LL

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