Pilates Rolling Like a Ball with a little Magic!

Magic Circle Pilates with Rolling Like a Ball

After three weeks of rolling around, I couldn’t stop thinking about rolling exercises. So, as Andrea Maida and I leave three weeks of rolling exercises for three weeks of Magic Circle I had to show off my three favorite ways to add Magic to the Pilates mat exercise Rolling Like a Ball.

Rolling like a ball can seem super easy and super hard all at the same time and still not be controlled, connected and strong. But, if you can connect to your seat, back and find the longest round shape Rolling Like a Ball will become one of the best core exercises that teaches you how to do so many more Pilates exercises.

Check out my first of three Magic Circle moments here. And, find Andrea Maida’s here. Make sure to subscribe to our channels so you don’t miss a week of collaborations.  We’ve got two more weeks of showing you where we think the Magic Circle is truly Magical!


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