OPC Blog - Semi-Annual Membership Sale Oct 2019

7 days and counting...

Hello! I’m so excited to share this with you, so check out the video and, when you get excited too, leave a comment below!


5 days and counting...

Only 5 days and counting… We’re getting closer! So check out this video and learn more about what classes will look and feel like. Questions? Leave a comment below.


3 days and counting...

I can feel the anticipation! You all are so excited! Watch this video and tell me more about it in the comments below.



This is it! We’re here! The cart is open and you can sign up or upgrade your membership! Here’s a video, but really you should just go to the link below it to sign up for pricing and more information. Questions? Ask them in the comments below.



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I am not on facebook. Is there another way to communicate with the group?

Hey Alana, totally understand and great question! You can always comment on the class here on the site and ask questions just like you did this time. But, the group is held in a private members-only FB group. There are several people (including Brad who is the co-founder of OPC) in there that only go on FB to post wins and ask questions. But, if you don’t want to do that you’ll still get an awesome workout and can ask your questions and share your wins here. Plus, you can always tag me on IG. xx~LL

Hi! No possibility of keeping your week Matt and Reformer classes far from 7 days? It’s a great profesional tool for us as Pilates teachers. I mean to have a library video storage and avoid loosing so good tips from you!


Hi Danica, so many teachers are members of OPC and I LOVE THAT! They too enjoy the cues and themes not just for their own body for inspiration in their teaching. That being said, I do not currently allow anyone to see any past classes. This helps hold you accountable to take each week’s new class and make time for you and your practice. Many teachers will watch it first, take notes and then take class at least once if not more before it expires. I know that’s not exactly what you want but I promise you’ll enjoy it! xx~LL

Thanks a lot for your answer ! This will allow me to practice Pilates with your coaching.

Danica, exactly! It’s a lot of fun and you get the added bonus of chatting with me and others in the FB group! Now, go grab the annual memebership. It’s available now until 11/2!! xx~LL

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