Starting or Restarting Your Pilates Practice? Here’s What I’ve Learned


Consistency is pretty much key to anything you want in life. And, that is the truth for Pilates too! But, what if you are just starting your Pilates practice? How do you even do that? What does that look like? Is there a difference between Pilates and Yoga? Or, what if you had a Pilates practice but life happened and you are wanting to pick it back up again. But, how? Whether you are a true Pilates beginner or just beginning again there are so many benefits to a Pilates practice that the first key to getting started is to start. Right where you are!

Ok, I know that is kind of a non-answer. But, I still remember what it was like when I first began my Pilates journey. I had zero clue what Pilates was when I went to my first class. I had no idea after that if there was a class that was right for me. And way back then there was very little information on what classes were right for me, what I should expect and how I could tell I was even doing it right! Or, if I was feeling it in the right place.

However, what I realized very quickly and what I think you will to is that Pilates will meet you where you are. It doesn’t require you to be anything more than what you are today. Even if you find yourself in an advanced class. As long as you do what you can and you show up again (hopefully to a class more your speed) you will see that your body gets stronger and you can continue to dive deeper into it.

Plus, with Pilates, you can continue to do the same exercises over and over again and find more strength and more flexibility. I remember thinking when I started that I was sooo good at it. And, yes some exercises were hard but hey I looked like the ideal of the exercise. But as time went on I realized just how much more of me I could insert into the exercise. And, I believe you will experience this too.

I’ll never forget the day I broke my leg. I was more worried about my Pilates practice than anything else. I thought I was going to lose everything I had gained in the last 10 years of practice. But, what I discovered was that just like Pilates meets a beginner where they are Pilates meets you where you are with an injury too. And, the craziest thing was Pilates was the only workout I could do with my broken leg. My doctor was so impressed by how my recovery was going that he asked me what I was doing. I told him I was doing Pilates and quickly added but I wasn’t putting weight on my broken leg. He told me to keep doing it!

After I was released from his care and was allowed to begin putting weight on my leg again my Pilates practice was a little and a lot different. But, I actually am stronger now than I was before. In fact, if you have an ailment or injury Pilates not only allows you to move around it but it helps balance your body out and prevent injuries in the future.

So, what should you do if you are just starting out
1) Find a teacher who is right for you
2) Check out reviews and referrals on classes. Try out Privates before jumping into a big equipment class.
3) Create space in your schedule to be consistent
4) If in person isn’t possible then start a home practice
5) Supplement your Pilates with a home practice!
6) Take Your Pilates with you when you travel
7) Do the exercises you don’t like!
8) Have FUN!
9) Join me for a class or turn on your camera and let’s do a Skype session
10 Ask questions!

How often will you practice Pilates this week? Let me know below! Or, join me for my online class here and take it as much as you want until next week’s class drops.


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