Tips for Pilates Rowing 3 and 4

Pilates rowing three and four lesley logan

Ok, I promised I would share my favorite Pilates rowing exercises! And this is the week that focuses on my favorite Pilates rowing moves. Rowing’s three and four aka From the Chest and From the Hips.

They are the most challenging for me. My ribs want to pop out, shoulders want to come into my ears and my hyperextended elbows love to get in the way.

Head on over here to check out my tips for making these two exercises work for you, help you connect to your back and feel some length in all directions. And, then head over here to see Andrea Maida’s tips for the same two exercises.

The collab continues next week with rowings 5 and 6! Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channels so you don’t miss a tip.


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