Tips for Short Box on the Reformer

Tips on theShortBoxSeries

There are A LOT of moving pieces in the Short Box series. And, I could have talked for HOURS about this whole series and still missed some key tips. The Short Box Series on the Reformer is integral to all of your Pilates exercises. I mean, it literally has every single spine shape that we create in one package.

So, Andrea Maida and I have tacked this series and then next week we take you over to the Ladder Barrel to talk about it all over again. Why? Because with a few tips you can dive deep into your own Short Box series. And, if you still have questions feel free to contact us on our Youtube channels by leaving a comment.

For tips on the Shortbox from me click here and Andrea’s are here.

Enjoy the round, flat, twist, side to side and Tree!


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