Tips for Swan on the Mat

Tips for SwanOn The Mat

Andrea Maida and I had a request for some Swan tips in our weekly Pilates Collab. Now, I am in love with back bending. Mostly because I thought it was easy for me. What I have since discovered is how much I need to hone my strength so I didn’t just rely on my flexibility.

So, when we were asked about Swan tips I said: “which one?”

Rather than pick one Swan we decided we were going to do a ton!

This week’s collab takes a tour through Swan on the mat. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channels so you don’t miss the following weeks Swan’s on the Wunda chair, barrel and reformer.

Here is my mat Swan and Andrea’s gorgeous one is here.

Happy Swanning


PS got a request? Post your Pilates tips request in one of our comment section on Youtube!

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