Tips to Thrive in this New Normal

Tips to Thrive in this New Normal

You miss things about your old life. You wish you things could go back to normal. Maybe you’re not able to work the way you used to. Or, you can’t go to your favorite classes, gym, restaurants? You’re itching to get out and every day seems to be a freaking roller coaster of emotions. After 8 weeks of quarantine and 10 weeks of not being in my pre-rona life, I have found that all the things I wish I had are available to me. I mean, I am not traveling which is the one thing I miss in this “new normal” but before all this happened I wished I had “time” for a lot of things. And, now I do. We all do. The key though is to embrace it. And, that might be the hardest thing outside of dealing with the virus. Here are some of my best tips for thriving during this time:

Embrace it! Seriously, you can try to swim against the stream or you can flow with it. Which one is easier? I am going to tell you right now that it is much easier to focus on what you can do in this time than what you not able to do anymore. And, you may find yourself surprised at what you like about the changes you have to make.  If you miss something so much ask yourself how could you do it in this new normal? You just might be surprised!

Get back to your vision board.  Yep, what does your future look like? Is that still possible? Chances are yeah! Just not the way you wanted. And, you might even surprise yourself with new details you want to add. At the beginning of this time Brad and I sat down and each wrote down what we wanted in the next 12 months. What we want is still a stepping stone to our bigger picture vision. And, on a faster timeline because why wait?! Will it be easy? No. But, because we know what we want we can work backwards to today and make decisions on what to say ‘yes’ to and what to say ‘no’ to. What to reconfigure and get creative to make happen and what to let the pandemic takeaway.

Get a little selfish. I am not talking about the kind of selfishness where you hoard toilet paper. I am talking about the kind of selfishness where you get clear on what you need to be happy and energized each day. Your friends may want to talk to you every day on the phone but that doesn’t mean that makes you feel awesome. So, pay attention to what is bothering you and create boundaries to allow yourself to have those friends and family in your life but in the times, days, and way that allows you to be the awesome version of yourself. For example, I can only do so many calls and meetings in a day. If my work takes all of those then I cannot add a friend call. So, if I want to have time for my friends then I have to be mindful of what I say yes to. Or, I have to have more friend calls on one day and none on another.  I also do not like to engage with people before 7 am. Not because I am not a morning person but because I am and that time is really special to me. So I do not get on social or my texts and emails until 7 if I can help it and I enjoy 2+ hours to myself each morning. And let’s be honest, does that sound selfish? No, it sounds like I am being honest with what I need to be me. So, go ahead feel like you’re being selfish but then remember that you’re honoring what you need.

Be careful of what you let in your ears. What podcasts, tv shows, audiobooks do you need to feel like you can take on the day? Or, get a good night sleep? The shows I can watch at night have shifted especially since the quarantine. I am binging out on comedians or even 80’s and 90’s movies I know end on a high note. I am listening to podcasts by people who are DOING IT! They are not lamenting about what they can’t do they are talking about what they can and will and are doing. The books I am reading and listening to are teaching me something. If you are struggling with feeling good each day do an inventory about what you are listening to and watching too. Maybe you just need to swap some shows out and keep the vibrations high!

Keep exercising!! Get more steps in than you’re used to. Get a workout routine in place and keep it. Even on the days, you don’t feel like it get your move on. There is a massive difference between the clients I teach and the friends and family I talk to who are working out daily and those who are inconsistent. Grab your calendar and write down what movement you are going to do each day. And, why not do Pilates with me? My online classes include accountability and a fabulous community!

I could go on and on but it is easy to get overwhelmed during this time. So, give these a try and let me know which ones are working for you and if you’re struggling with something I didn’t share let me know. Maybe I have a suggestion!

This is a very weird and unprecedented time. But, it doesn’t have to be a time where you lose who you are. It doesn’t have to be a time where you are waiting for this to pass. What if this time could be where you become even more yourself? What if you could come out of this thriving?


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