Top Myths About Pilates

Just like Crossfit, Yoga, HIIT and other fitness modalities Pilates has its fair share of myths. Get to know the top myths about Pilates.
_Top Myths About Pilates

Just like Crossfit, Yoga, HIIT and other fitness modalities Pilates has its fair share of myths. The myths cover what Pilates is, the benefits of Pilates, who can do Pilates and where you can do Pilates. And, I am sure there are other myths that have not even been made up yet!

I’m super excited to bust these myths and give you some clarity so that you can do Pilates for what it is wherever you are!

Myth #1: Pilates is for Fit People

This one makes me laugh. I’ve also heard Pilates is for flexible people. Or, I’ll start Pilates when I get more fit or more flexible. But, Pilates is actually the best exercise no matter what your fitness level is. Pilates has 500 basic exercises. Which means it will meet you where you are! And, my clients who are personal trainers and athletes have it harder than clients who are starting fresh with almost no fitness practice. That’s because they try to “muscle” through their practice and not embody Pilates. So, if you’ve been waiting to start until you’re “fit enough,” “Strong enough,” or “flexible enough,” you are already enough. And Pilates will take you the way that you are.

Myth #2: Pilates will help you lose weight

Ok, so Pilates and other fitness workouts alone cannot help you lose weight. You might lose a few pounds but abs were made in the kitchen! So, any workout you choose if weight loss is a goal you need to work with a nutritionist and add exercise in. Pilates will help increase your metabolism for up to 48 hours after you do it just like any other strength based workout. And, it’ll make you feel sooo good when you’re done. But, all on its own it won’t move the scale the way you probably want. You should still do Pilates though!

Myth #3: You have to use the Equipment to do Pilates

Actually, Pilates was designed on the Mat first. So, if all you have is your Mat than you can still do Pilates! Now, if you have access to the equipment you’ll be able to challenge your Pilates practice in other ways.

Myth #4: Pilates is like Yoga

This one probably even annoys the yogis. Pilates and Yoga have a mat practice in common. But, it’s not the same thing. And, the similarities we can discuss. We can find similar movements to Pilates and weight training or Pilates and mediation. You can do Pilates and Yoga, Pilates and running, Pilates and Weight Training. It’s not this vs that. It’s Pilates and ___. Because Pilates helps you do everything better.

Myth #5: Pilates is for women

Pilates is for EVERYBODY! You can ben any age or gender and Pilates will meet you where you are. The sooner you start the sooner you feel the benefits! And, so many athletes have been using Pilates for over a decade now. So, #realmenddopilates

Myth #6: Pilates Is Easy

There’s a great saying that if “Pilates is easy you are doing it wrong.” It’s very true. When you are truly connected and using your whole body Pilates is hard. Not so hard you can’t do it. But it’s more than choreography. You have to focus on what you are doing in every exercise. This makes it a movement meditation!

I’m sure that as time goes by more myths will need to be debunked. But, if you have a question about whether Pilates is right for you, let me know. Whether you have injuries, tightness, aches, or you feel amazing and you wonder if you need to do Pilates know that you do. There’s a Pilates practice that is right for you! If you are brand new, try my Intro to Pilates classes.


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