What I Never Leave for a Retreat Without

What i never leave for a retreat without

When you travel you need to have the essentials on hand. And, when you are on a retreat its even more important. Because the whole point of being on a retreat is to retreat yourself. You don’t want to be thinking about where you can buy something when you are relaxing. So, here are some of my things I make sure I have on hand for every retreat I go on:

  1. My favorite leggings: I fly in them too so that even if I don’t make it to my destination with my luggage I have them! And, they are so much my favorite that I have a code for you to make them your favorite too! It’ll be below!
  2. Organic bug spray: I don’t care where you go there are bugs my friend. I went to Maui without my spray and omg it was worse than when I am in Cambodia! Find one you love and know that works and never forget it.
  3. A good book!
  4. Favorite fuel: When you travel you don’t always want to eat plane food. Or, the retreat you are on might not feed you enough. On my retreats, there is always a lot of food. But, you just never know. So bring your favorite bars or snacks so you have something if you need it.
  5. Organic sunscreen! Make sure it’s reef safe!
  6. More of your favorite leggings…
  7. Space: in your suitcase for the things you find and space in your mind and soul for what you will learn.

Every time I go to Cambodia, Maui and upcoming Bali retreats I am amazed by the feelings, energy, smells, people and experiences. They shape you, they make you more yourself. So whichever retreat you go on pack your essentials but leave room for the unexpected.


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