What to Bring for an Outdoor Pilates Class

What to Bring for an Out Door Pilates class

Mat Pilates outside! What could be better? It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to do a workout outside that not a run, walk, hike, Paddleboard etc. Most people do Pilates indoors. But, what I found is that there is something pretty magical about doing Pilates outside that you cannot get from an indoor class. However, if you’re not prepared, doing Pilates outside can be quite the chore.

So, if you’re wanting to take your Pilates practice outside then make sure you have these things in mind:

  1. Bug Spray: You will never know how many flies exist until you do Pilates outside. On the grass, there seems to be more than on a patio floor. So, prep your body with some good organic spray. Or, even have a bug repellent situation so that you are free to flow without the flies or mosquitos joining in on the fun.
  2. A Thick Mat: A yoga mat is too thin for a patio workout and even if you are the dirt it has a harder time staying in one spot. But, if you are using a thicker Pilates Mat then you will be able to do Pilates on any kind of ground or floor outside.
  3. Sunglasses: You never know where the sun will move and when you’re doing Pilates outside unless you are on a retreat with me you might be out under the sun and it won’t be fun if the sun is in your eyes.
  4. A workout towel: Even if it’s cool where you are I find I sweat more outside. Especially if it’s more humid.
  5. Sunscreen: Unless you are under a cover you don’t want to get a sunburn around your Pilates pants.

Looking for some good places to do Pilates outside? Try your own backyard, patio or balcony! You can take an online class with me and play with how much you enjoy doing Pilates outdoors. Or, join me in Cambodia! We’ve got a covered patio complete with fans! All you need is you, some bug spray and a sweat towel!


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