What You Need For Your Home Pilates Practice


I have heard many a surprised response from my in-person clients when I suggest we skype/facetime their Pilates sessions when one of us is traveling. Because you can do your Pilates mat work anywhere you can lay down there is no reason why your Pilates practice has to suffer just because you cannot get into a studio.

Being set up for a Pilates practice at home is critical for this. So, their shock is not uncommon. They think one has to have all the Pilates equipment to do their Pilates. But, the truth is you can reap the benefits of Pilates as long as you are doing Pilates often and with intention.

But, how can you set yourself up for a successful home Pilates practice? Are there tools and props that are necessary?

Are you ready to set up your own Pilates practice at home? Get these items ready!

  • A Pilates Mat: This http://a.co/cTDF8KKone is great for those who need to roll it up and put it away. Or, this is the one I have. It slides behind my couch. It’s more of an investment so make sure you’re committed before you purchase.
  • Magic Circle
  • Thera-band
  • Online Pilates Classes: Pilates Anytime $18/mon or Lesley Logan Pilates $5/week
  • Skype or Facetime with a teacher for more personalized coaching
  • Space: You want to have room to circle your arms around or kick your legs about a foot on either side of your mat.

If you have space and want to get a full studio or some studio equipment pieces contact me here to make sure you get the right equipment for the Pilates practice you desire. Not all manufacturers of equipment are created equal.

For more information on how to have a Pilates home practice check out this blog. And this blog discusses how to do Pilates online!

No excuses, holidays, travel, busy schedules, etc. You can have a consistent Pilates practice!


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I have a Merrithew home reformer and am interested in following a full workout. Do you have one I can access? I see all of your individual reformer exercises on YouTube but want to put them altogether in a seamless workout. Will only do intermediate skill level by myself at home. Thanks so much!!

HI Barbara, how cool you have your own reformer!! Over on onlinepilatesclasses.com I have weekly mat classes and someday I may offer a Reformer workout or two. It’s on the goals for 2019. But, in the meantime I have classes at PilatesAnytime.com and you can enjoy them for free for 30days with LLOGAN. Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletters so you know when I have new reformer workouts coming up! Oh, and I have a Reformer on the Mat workshop on onlinepilatesclasses.com too! Thank you so much for reaching out and I hope to have more workouts for you soon! xx~LL

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