Why Take a Pilates Retreat, Anyway?


Life is busy! In fact, there is always something that comes up and keeps us from working out, hanging with friends, and taking that trip to a faraway land. Many people think taking a retreat abroad means disconnecting from the world. And that a Pilates retreat would be amazing but you just can’t take the time to disconnect. There is too much to be doing. But, that’s the beauty of taking a Pilates retreat abroad. You’re not disconnecting from the world but instead connecting to yourself and experiencing the world.

When I first stepped off the plane in Siem Reap, Cambodia I could feel the magic that is held in the Kingdom of Angkor. I spent the next day hiking, climbing and experiencing as many Temples as I could in 12 hours. I knew I would have to come back and I would bring others with me. People who are looking to connect more with themselves and who are looking for an experience that was out of this world.

On a Pilates retreat, you spend time taking in your surroundings, meeting other travelers and Pilates lovers and learning about a culture that is different than your own.

Pilates retreats are for beginners and Pilates experts! The mat classes are all levels and the Pilates workshops are designed to help you personalize your Pilates practice and take it with you when you go back to your normal routine.

Affordable Pilates retreats are exactly what you need when it comes to taking time for yourself. Most trips require lots of planning, research and then you never know what you’re going to get once you get there. Plus, most trips, while taking you out of your norm, do not offer options to work out, eat healthily and tour the local sites.

The best Pilates retreats offer an easy schedule for you to enjoy; no stressing about what to do and when to do it. So, give yourself the gift a Pilates retreat in 2018! Come to Siem Reap, Cambodia and tour the Temples of Angkor or say Aloha and join me in Maui, HI.

Which Pilates retreat will you be going on?


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