Wunda-ful Swans! More Swan Tips

Wunda-Ful Swans More Swan Tips

Swan, an exercise in Pilates that doesn’t stick to one piece of equipment. It’s the first extension exercise we meet on the mat, it prepares us for Pulling Straps and more on the reformer. It’ takes great flight on the barrels and on the Wunda chair, it knows no ends!

There are many ways to swan on the chair. This week I take on the Swan dive and Andrea Maida shows just how well she swans out on the Wunda chair.

Enjoy this week’s tips and breakdowns. Stay tuned! Next, week we both get down and dirty, yep, we get on the floor for some flying eagle! Which is basically swan on the floor with the Wunda Chair.

The Swan journey continues!


Ps any exercise questions or requests leave a comment here or on our Youtube comments.

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