Pilates Equipment Workouts

Equipment Workout: A Short/Long Box Workout + Q&A with Lesley Logan

Most of us have a Short Box (aka Long Box,) but aside from doing a few exercises on this box when we do our Reformer it just takes up space and hangs out against the wall. Well in this month's workout, we are going to pull that box out of the corner and use it for a full workout. Yep, and entire 50 min workout on our Long/Short box! You ready?

Equipment Workout: A Spine Corrector Workout + Q&A with Lesley Logan

Dust off your Spine Corrects or Arc's and join me for a 50 min workout that will take you all over your barrel. Not only will we explore all the good stuff the Spine Corrector provides, I've also designed a workout that will help you feel some of the most challenging Pilates exercises and fundamentals in a whole new way! If you have a set of 1 or 2lb weights bring those too. If you don't water bottles or canned food will work too!