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OPC Workshop Find Your Thass ™ | Online Pilates Classes

Workshop: Find Your Thass™

This workshop is more than "beginner exercises." In fact, we won't spend a lot of time on the levels or order. So it doesn't matter where you are in your Pilates or teaching practice. Or, even your Pilates background. Bring yourself, your notebook and your Find Your Thass™ questions!

Workshop: Mastering the Basics of Pilates on the Props & Other Apparatus

In this Mastering the Basics on the Props & Other Apparatus one-hour workshop LL will cover fun facts and wonderful reasons to have and use props and apparatus that Joseph Pilates created! We'll be chatting about the benefits and uses of the Toe Corrector, Foot Corrector, Magic Circle, Sand Bag, Ped-o-Pull, 2x4, Neck Stretcher, Airplane Board... just to name a few!