Horseback on the Arm Chair

The positioning and tension of the springs allows you to feel your arms connect to your back. Root down through your legs to make this work your full body.

Swakatee on the Arm Chair

The more you use your leg strength the easier it is to move your arms from your back. This entire series really helps you connect your arms to your back.

Breathing on the Arm Chair

Move your arms from your back, use your breath to facilitate the action and live in the springs. Learn to move with breath and maintain your strength.

Shave and Hug on the Arm Chair

Practicing Shave and Hug on the Arm Chair provides feedback. You can feel if your back is tall, your arms are connected and where you tend to “lose it.”

Arm Circles on the Arm Chair

If you are wanting to understand Horseback, Kneeling Arm Circles or even Teaser on the Reformer better, get on the Arm Chair and try out these Arm Circles.