Pilates Cadillac Exercises

Chiropractor on the Cadillac

Whether you’re working on your full Traditional Ending or just want to work on standing in your center this exercise is worth doing in your Cadillac workout.

Pull Ups on the Cadillac

The Pull Ups are incredible for the arm-back connection that we all need to have in our entire Pilates practice. Try to do these every week more than once.

Monkey on the Cadillac

Monkey is a great stretch but also an amazing exercise for teaching you how to do other exercises like Tree, Elephant, Stomach Massage and more.

Bicep Curls on the Cadillac

From the outside, they look like a simple pull, press, resist and repeat. But, on the inside, your center and seat will be working harder than your arms.

Tower on the Cadillac

Tower on the Cadillac will also help you see how your feet connect to the equipment, learn where you are moving from and how to find that two-way stretch!

Footwork on the Cadillac

Footwork happens everywhere in Pilates! Not only can you do it here on the Cadillac but on the Reformer, Mat, on the Wunda Chair and probably more.

Airplane on the Cadillac

Are you ready to fly? Airplane on the Cadillac is an exercise that will allow you to feel the strength of your body and also like you are a gymnast!

Leg Springs on the Cadillac

Leg Springs are more than a leg workout. The name suggests that they are all about the legs but in fact, they truly help connect your legs to your center.

Long Back Arms on the Cadillac | Online Pilates Classes

Long Back Arms on the Cadillac

Long Back Arms connects you to your back and advances your Pilates practice by opening your chest. You’ll learn to stand in your legs and strengthen your back.

Chest Expansion on the Cadillac | Online Pilates Classes

Chest Expansion on the Cadillac

The combination of the Cadillac’s stable platform and you kneeling versus standing make it an excellent teaching exercise for doing Chest Expansion elsewhere.

Push Through on the Cadillac | Online Pilates Classes

Push Through on the Cadillac

Push Through is great for teaching your body the Roll Up on the Mat, Elephant on the Reformer, Push Down on the Wunda chair and many more exercises.

Rowing 3 & 4 on the Cadillac | Online Pilates Classes

Rowing 3 & 4 on the Cadillac

The spring tension changes throughout these exercises, teaching you how to maintain the connection to your center when you have no tension in your springs.

Breathing on the Cadillac | Online Pilates Classes

Breathing on the Cadillac

Breathing also reveals if we are ready for exercises such as Shortspine, Overhead, Roll Over, Jackknife and other exercises where we must lift our hips up.

Arm Springs on the Cadillac

It’s easy to let go of the connections you gained when you open the springs. Closing the springs is the most challenging part of the Arm Springs Series.