Pilates Mat Exercises

1 Rep Drill on the Mat

I find it’s easy to throw away the first rep most of the time. In this workout, you are forced to really do your best and then move on. Enjoy this practice.

Short Box Series on the Mat

The Short Box series is challenging whether you are on the Reformer or the Mat. What I love about doing it on the Mat is that you can’t cheat your muscles.

Swan with a Ball on the Mat

Find length, strength and maintain the connections of your arms to your back. Use a ball as a way to focus on your connection without feeling stuck.

Teaser with a Ball on the Mat

If you don’t have a Cadillac or Reformer to practice the Teaser, use a ball like the Triad Ball to connect to your center and challenge your center.

Roll Up with a Ball on the Mat

If you struggle connecting to your inner thighs, you can find the connection by using this ball. Then, you can teach the muscles what you need them to know.

Rowing with Weights on the Mat

Do all six Rowing exercises or pick and choose what you want. You will see some variations that you can take advantage of the shoulder-back connections.

Crab on the Mat

Crab challenges your Seal and Rolling Like a Ball. As you roll back and forth maintain the lift and space in your center.

Half Roll Back on the Mat

A great replacement for the Roll Up, is the Half Roll Back, considered a beginner or Pre-Pilates exercise. As you gain strength straighten your legs.

Elbow Slip on the Mat

An excellent exercise that helps you feel exactly what muscles you need to be using to get through the toughest part of the Pilates Roll Up.

Push-Ups on the Mat | Online Pilates Classes

Push-Ups on the Mat

What is lovely about the Push-ups is the amount of variety they bring. They will meet you where you are. Make them as simple or hard as you need.

Pilates Rocking on the Mat

Rocking on the Mat

Rocking back and forth does not come from the head but instead, it comes from the strength of the legs. Press your feet into your hands and your legs up.

Boomerang on the Mat

Boomerang is a rolling exercise. If you can keep that in mind as you move through each rep, you will enjoy this exercise so much more!

Side Bend on the Mat

If you like the Side Kicks on the Mat, then you’ll enjoy the Side bend. Another side body exercise that needs all the strength you learned in your sidekicks.

Kneeling Side Kicks on the Mat

Kneeling Side Kicks on the Mat

In the setup pay attention that your standing leg hip is directly over your knee. It’s easy to stick your seat out, especially if you are tight in the hip.

Leg Pull on the Mat

You do not have to lift your leg. You can get into the position and just hold and think about lifting each leg. One day they will lift on their own!

Double Leg Stretch

The Double Leg Pull aka the Double Leg Stretch in the Pilates ab series is also probably THE Pilates exercise that preps you for ALL Pilates exercises.

Leg Pull Front on the Mat

Picture each rep, maintain your connection until you are ready to lift the legs, and move. This is great for preparing for Long Stretch on the Reformer.

Swimming on the Mat | Online Pilates Classes

Swimming on the Mat

Swimming is absolutely essential for our bodies fight against bad posture and shrinking. Due to lives in front of computers and sitting, extension is needed.

Hip Circles on the Mat

Hip Circles on the Mat

The key to this exercise is not thinking that it is all about the legs circling but more about the seat circling the legs. Reach your arms back and go!

Teaser on the Mat

Teaser is not the peak pose in Pilates, it’s not the end all be all of Pilates exercises. It’s a great check in and see where you are in your practice.

Double Leg Kick on the Mat

if you can keep from twerking your way through this exercise you will feel a great stretch across the front of your hips and your hamstrings

Swan and Swan on the Mat | Online Pilates Classes

Swan and Swan Dive on the Mat

The Swan has several variations. Instead of focusing on how “big” your Swan is, focus on how long your Swan is! That is where you will find the strength!

Corkscrew on the Mat

Some days you will roll up into a shoulder stand, other days you won’t. Some days your Corkscrew will be bigger than other days. Focus on the control.

Neck Pull on the Mat

Neck Pull on the Mat

The Neck Pull is really a tougher Roll Up. So, if your Roll Up is rockin’ add a little weight behind your head and go for it! But, don’t forget the pull.

Roll Up on the Mat

Roll Up on the Mat

After years of Roll Ups and talking with my teacher who studied with Joseph Pilates, I’ve learned that the strap is essential as you advance your practice.

Pilates Spine Twist on Mat | Online Pilates Classes

Spine Twist on Mat

There is a difference between twisting and turning. The Spine Twist on the mat will show you if you are twisting or turning.

Pilates Jackknife on the Mat | Online Pilates Classes

Jackknife on the Mat

Jackknife is a fun exercise to do and one that has many layers. Each rep you can try to get more length and more height!

Pilates High Bicycle on the Mat | Online Pilates Classes

High Bicycle on the Mat

Some of the mat exercises are easy to cheat your way out of. The High Bicycle is one of them. It requires that you truly oppose yourself.

Single Leg Kick on the Mat

Single Leg Kick on the mat is fantastic for getting you connected to your seat and your back. But it’s also one of the most misunderstood exercises.

High Scissors on the Mat | Online Pilates Classes

High Scissors on the Mat

When doing High Scissors on the Mat one leg is reaching UP while the other leg is reaching AWAY! This prepares you for High Bicycle and Shoulder Bridge.