Running on the Reformer

I like to think of it as a “check-in” because after Running you still have Pelvic Lift, the Control Push-Ups, the Split series and Russian Squats!

Tik Tok on the Reformer

Tik Tok is an excellent tool for training your body on the twist and reach you need in your Corkscrew, your range of motion and where it all comes from.

Side Sit Ups on the Reformer

Side Sit Ups are also excellent for teaching Side Leg Kicks, Star and any Tall back exercises in Pilates. They challenge your hips’ ability to remain square.

Snake and Twist on the Reformer

While there are so many exercises that lead up to the Snake and Twist that doesn’t make it any easier to do. It will challenge all those exercises and more.

Pilates Breaststroke on the Reformer

Breaststroke on the Reformer

If you have a friend handy, have them stand at the back of the Reformer and lightly press into your calves as you reach to help assist in this exercise.

Pilates Elephant on the Reformer

Elephant on the Reformer

Channel your Double Straight Leg Stretch and your Stomach Massage you’ll discover some great nuances to the lower body reach and the opposition it creates.

Pilates Swan on the Reformer

Swan on the Reformer

The Swan looks like it’s all about the back bend. But the truth is, it’s all about the length. How Long can you get in your Swan?

Arm Circles on the Reformer

Arm Circles on the Reformer

As you do this exercise keep in mind that the names of exercises can be deceiving and Pilates exercises are for the whole body! Stand in your legs.

Pilates Overhead on the Reformer

Overhead on the Reformer

Overhead is a great way to prepare for the Rowing series. Reach you do towards the ceiling will be the same reach you need as you Row and do your Teaser.

Tree on the Reformer

Tree on the Reformer

Remember to stand on your leg that is under the strap and reach your arms from your back as you round down and back up.

Short Spine on the Reformer

Once you start you need to keep your reach in both directions and remember that you and your Reformer are a partner in crime together. It’s a dance!

Pilates Teaser on the Reformer

Teaser on the Reformer

The sooner you are able to safely add Teaser to your Reformer repertoire the sooner you will see your Teaser on the Mat get better!

Footwork on the Reformer | Online Pilates Classes

Footwork on the Reformer

When I first get on the Reformer I begin with Footwork. Like the 100 on the Mat, Footwork prepares the body for what is to come in our workout.