Pilates Wunda Chair Exercises

Push Ups on the Wunda Chair

These Push Ups is the only one that is symmetrical. The instability of the pedal under your feet and the amount of weight in the arms makes it hard.

Horseback on the Wunda Chair

Find your two-way stretch in this exercise on the Wunda Chair. Learn to work your arms from your back, reach your legs and arms from your center and more.

Piano Frog on the Wunda Chair

It requires a lot of strength in your center to hold yourself upright as you do the exercise and even more to stand up! Don’t sit in your flexibility.

Swan Dive on the Wunda Chair

On the Wunda Chair, you can feel if your body loses length in your extension because you have less support than you would on the Mat or Cadillac.

Mermaid on the Wunda Chair

Mermaid on Top of the Wunda Chair is more about the lift and reach then moving the pedal. Just like all Pilates exercises. Press from your back as you lift.

Star on the Wunda Chair

When you do the Star on the Chair you are not focusing on lifting the pedal but instead finding length and strength. Can you reach through your center?

Pull Ups on the Wunda Chair

The Pull Up is one of my absolute favorites because it teaches you the down reach you need in every Pilates exercise. Drop a spring if you need a challenge.

Push Down from the Front on the Wunda Chair

Push Down on the Wunda Chair is the Roll Up Standing. That sentence was such a light bulb moment for me in my Pilates journey! When I first learned the Push Down I thought, “Cool, a hamstring stretch,” but, that was just the tiny beginning.

Table on the Wunda Chair

This exercise strengthens your seat, your back and opens the front of your hips and chest. Table will help you do more Pilates exercises better!

Footwork on the Wunda Chair

Footwork on the Wunda Chair doesn’t care how much you can push down on the pedal but, rather, how much you can pull up on the pedal while pushing down.

Reverse Swan Teaser on the Wunda Chair

The first time I did Reverse Teaser on top of the Wunda Chair the apprentice teaching me placed my hips too far back and I almost fell off! From then on I never forgot to bring the hips as close to the back of the chair as possible for my body or my client’s body.

Swan on the Wunda Chair

Sometimes called Side Pull Ups or Snake prep. Doesn’t matter what you call it. It matters more that you use it to teach your body something it needs.