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OPC Memberships









First, let us say that we’re sorry to hear you are looking to cancel your subscription! If you are having trouble logging in, or have some other issue and want to talk to us about it first, please contact us by clicking here.

People have asked if there is a way to pause their subscription – but unfortunately there isn’t. So in this case it would be best to cancel and sign back up when you are ready to continue. Here’s how to do that:

Canceling Your Subscription

  1. Login to the website:
  2. Scroll down on your Dashboard to where it says “Your Memberships”
  3. Click “Change” on the right side
  4. Click “Cancel” on the bottom right corner of your the membership you want to stop
As always, the weekly Mat and Reformer classes are always available – so you can sign back up when you are ready.
Please note: if you signed up with a special deal or were referred by someone, that deal may no longer be available if you decide to join us again in the future!