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How do I share on IG?

I want to see your workouts! Your photo/video can be anything showing you working out, from a sweaty selfie to a photo of you doing the 100, to an Instaquote with an insight you gleaned from the workout.

I also want you to describe the workout, what you did (doesn’t have to be super detailed) and how you felt in the description. Any revelations? Share with us and encourage the community!

These posts will essentially act as an online training journal for you. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ACCOUNTABILITY AND CONSISTENCY. We get to keep one another accountable. There’s something about committing to something publicly and in a bigger way that puts us on the hook! And I love putting myself on the hook — it’s one of my main motivational/productivity strategies. So tell your friends and family you are doing this. Ask them to do it with you. Show up on Instagram every day excited to share your progress and your consistency. Be an example to those around you and who follow you.

Pro tip: You can create your own (separate) IG handle if you would rather not post on your personal account. Create a handle just for the challenge and/or fitness-related content. You can use @100withme_(your name), for example, @100withme_Meridith. Just make sure your account is NOT set to private. If your account is private, no one can see your posts even if you use the hashtag. Set it to public for the challenge and make it private after, if you want.

Examples on how to post:


Be featured with OPC: In order to be considered for a OPC feature, be sure to EXPLAIN as much as possible in your descriptions. What workout are you doing? What do you love about it? What’s difficult for you? How does it make you feel? What’s the insight there? How are you helping those following you on IG feel better and feel more motivated?

In other words, you can write whatever you want, but if you just tag me (@lesley.logan) and hashtag it #100withme and then write nothing else, you’re not really teaching or giving insight or sharing, you won’t be featured.

How to #hashtag stuff: in the description of the photo, you need to hashtag #100WITHME (make sure you use the EMOJI of “100” when posting to IG – see the examples in below)

How to tag stuff: make sure you’re tagging @lesley.logan in every post so I see it really easily!

Some IG housekeeping: you cannot participate for the prizes without having an Instagram account. I am not going to be keeping track of workouts elsewhere. It’s free to set up an account and you can just create one for the challenge if you don’t want to do anything else. Be sure your IG account is set to Public and not Private/locked if you want me to see your workouts. I can’t see them otherwise. You can always make it private again after the challenge.