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How do I update my credit card information?

Hi there!

To update your credit card,  follow the below steps:

If you have any questions or not sure if the new card was saved, please message us.

xx~LL and team 💋

How TO update your credit card information

  1. LOG IN to your account.
  2. Go to DASHBOARD.
    Online Pilates Classes FAQs Dashboard

  4. From your DASHBOARD click the SUBSCRIPTION button.
    Online Pilates Classes FAQs Subscriptions

  6. You’ll be taken to your Subscriptions page, where you’ll see all the subscriptions on your account.
  7. Click the UPDATE button on the right side of the subscription for which you are changing the debit/credit card and Input your new card details.
    Online Pilates Classes FAQs Update Subscription

  9. Fill in your new card information and click the SUBMIT button.
    Online Pilates Classes FAQs Credit Card Information

Your subscription is already set to try to renew after 3 days, so you should be all set.