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How do I use my coupon during membership registration?

You’ve got a coupon – great! But during membership registration, you’re not quite sure where it goes… Been there! Don’t worry, we will help you with how you can add a coupon.

As always, if you have any questions you can message us!

xx~LL and team 💋!


  1. LOG IN here.
  2. Go to the product that you want to purchase. Then click “TAKE THE WORKSHOP” to buy the class. See the sample below.
    Online Pilates Classes FAQs Take the Workshop

  4. Scroll to the bottom and add your info. To add the coupon click on where it says “HAVE A COUPON?
    Online Pilates Classes FAQs Have a Coupon

  6. Enter your coupon code then click SIGN UP.
    Online Pilates Classes FAQs Coupon Code

  8. Add your credit card info then click “SUBMIT
    Online Pilates Classes FAQs Coupon Code Submit